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Tina opens her birthday presents and the Eddie invests in some technology for the club to help improve Tina's response to her customers....

Last night, Luke fucked Violet hard in the ass. Luke is going away on vacation. He wants to say bye to her. Not before fucking her again.

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There's a reason there's so damn many Weasleys.

A young woman is trained as a slave by a powerful organization called The Foundation.

Further adventures with my step-granddaughter

The saga of my twink husband Blake's affair with my formerly 'str8' best friend from high-school.

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Lindsey working on her post graduate Thesis seeks the seclusion of her families holiday home in the Blue Mountains, Australia. Late one evening she draws the attention of a prowling Yowie (Australian Big Foot) Only the thick expanse of a scenic window keeps him from Lindsey.