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A new teachers rough day.

Dennis isn't looking forward to raking his yard, until his SEXY neighbor joins him and makes the work much more interesting.

A young man's medical dilemma turns in his favor when he seeks advice from an attractive doctor and relief from a legendary amateur porn star.

After a while, when the elation stopped, he took the cock back in his mouth to suck and milked out all the semen from its pipes.......

Anna-Brooks fascination with an older man leads her farther down the rabbit hole than she ever thought she’d go, as Mike Robert’s introduces her to the BDSM lifestyle

son find out he got a sick mom

A team of one guy and one girl go around killing pretty young women and posing and preserving their bodies.

After being humiliated by her boyfriend, Lidia runs off traumatized and gets stranded in a blizzard. Jax finds and rescues her but at a high cost for both of them.

Forty years old going for a date with eighteen years old. Date continue until morning. With the approval of her parents.